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Support our own native airline and purchase the ferry-the price is alleged to be less than $3 million. Loose lips sink ships chooks and as a former PM, now sporting high flyer, has found, unfastened lips flip flights! A few unwell timed remarks about explosives saw the excessive flyer marched off by the boys in blue! Big Red has heard the excessive flyer could not afford the extra $600 to upgrade to business on the following flight so he has needed to return to base!

At least three Aitutaki households have packed their baggage and headed off to Kiwiland chooks. If things do not get a move on, extra will comply with. A bevy look at this site of bikini clad beauties were later spotted paddling throughout the blue lagoon little question amazed and entranced by the expertise. To save on money government ought to do away with all vehicles. A authorities automotive must be changed every few years.

Aitutaki’s inhabitants was as quickly as nearer 5,000. Visitor numbers are about 20,000. This makes the cost per head of resident inhabitants high. The anticipated return is about $1 million per yr but if depopulation continues, and customer numbers do not improve, the return could presumably be significantly affected. And MPs will but again be back indoors in February for the Supplementary budget! That’s when the begging course of begins for additional dosh for extra abroad travel and the nice act of balancing the accounts also begins.

Although the writer failed to put a field number on the envelope, the envelope has the name of the native clearly spelt on it and his name is within the local telephone e-book. Our Post Office would have rung him up. Chooks Big Red has heard the taro jungle Tom, Toms pounding in the night and alerts you to go to Avatiu harbour and look out to sea. Something might be arriving if the Tom, Toms are right. How many spiritual sects are on the Rock chooks?

The Capital Projects e-book makes impressive studying but is really just a wish list. It visit their website may as properly be a work of tragic/comedic fiction. Why would anyone in their proper thoughts lend a rustic of less than 18,000 individuals over $200 million?

The whisper from a certain outer island chooks is that the current TV programme, Turama, that includes the disabled man who was injured, won't be screened on that island’s TV. Seems somebody from the island asked for a copy however the screening has been blocked. Big Red says forget the roads chooks and overlook infrastructure issues that profit no-one. Go for policies like increasing the age for baby benefit from 12 to 15.

There’s CICC, Catholics, SDA , Latter Day Saints, Jehovah Witnesses, AOG, Apostolic, Corner Stone Church, Celebration on the Rock, New Life, New Hope, Holy Spirit Revival and perhaps more. We are nonetheless but to get a Mosque and a Synagogue. A chook among the maniota stalks asks what whether it is discovered there aren't any grounds for suspension? Will the NZ High Com nonetheless pull the plug on NZAid? Should we now look more to China and PNG than NZ for aid funds? Alas, NZ Aid comes with too many strings, interference, questions and is not sufficient to make any real advance to our economy.

If not, then get rid here are the findings of the entice. It’s a man-made merchandise not a naturally occurring construction so dismantle it and possibly the tidal move will improve. Bob Sell (QSM-not queer sado-masochist) of Kii Kii at 93 not out reckons he’s the oldest surviving WWII veteran. He additionally sailed in convoys to Russia and the Mediterranean and while many ships round his had a knockout post been sunk by U Boats his survived.

There’s a model new theory about the star of Bethlehem chooks! Turns out it could have been Jupiter under the constellation Aries . The Ram is a vital Jewish symbol and Jupiter the planet which signifies essential occasions. When Jupiter appeared within the night sky beneath the constellation Aries, to the Magi, it would have signified the start of a Jewish King. When they arrived in Jerusalem, King Herod’s clever men directed them to Bethlehem which had been predicted by the prophets because the birthplace of the Messiah.

What say we set the (non-refundable) yearly utility license payment at US$1 million per boat! That’s low-cost contemplating those distant foreigners make $2 billion a 12 months from the Pacific fishery. The ‘maroro-tu’ is an annual event especially in the Nga-pu-toru islands whereby the island community gets to share the flying fish that comes in ample numbers at the jetty. It is a standard view of the island group that it’s a blessing from God.

Keep your eyes open for Director and Producer types hunched over their steaming cups and phrases like “story board, buyers, timelines and scripts” rolling off their tongues! Words like “film festivals, Cannes, Academy Awards” are already being whispered. When someone at the PM’s workplace contacted the QR’s residence to see if they could use the QR’s grounds for a function, they have been flatly refused! QR office employees requested the PM office workers in the occasion that they knew what they have been doing.

Both stated they thought that they had a good chance of one day changing into chief of the CIP. Lets hope history does not repeat itself! Lets hope the CIP don’t become bogged down in management issues and in-fighting and finger pointing like the Demos did after 2006 when the Demos gained the election with 15 seats!